Active Video Balun Transceivers UT132R-R

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Active Video Balun Transceivers -Transmitters and Receivers

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UT132R-R 32 Channel Video Active UTP CAT5 Video Receiver Hub (vernier knob)Brightness Sharpness Combo(BSC TM) ADJ,RJ45 Jack Input,Input/Output Same Side,12VDC,Power Loop Out,1U 19" Rack 
 * Remark: All products Lightning Surge Protection Circuit Designed by ABSORT CLAMP Protection Way Instead of Traditional PTC Fuse Series Circuit Image Cutting Way (the PTC fuse would cause image dim and even loss during lightning surge protection circuit action). All Elinx Active Balan Transceivers have Non-Image-Cutting(NIC TM) Fuseless Circuit Design.