3D Keyboard Controller

Product Description


The keyboard controller is professional equipped together with terminal receivers such as the intelligent Speed Dome and the decoder etc. 

Taking the EIA/RS-485 electrical interface between the keyboard and the receiver, one keyboard can control as much as 32 speed dome and decoders and the maximum communication distance between the keyboard and the receiver is up to 1.2 km without bus-mastering. 

The keyboard controller makes it more convenient to control the speed dome camera and the terminal decoder, hence to control the camera constant speed pan tilt, lens, light, rain brush and so on.



Function Specification

Dome camera or decoder address setting range:0~9999

Users can set password, keyboard locking time, communication rate and protocol

by using the operation menu.

With functions to control the dome camera: such as camera background light compensation on/off.

Operate the dome camera at different speed setting, speed switching smooth and stable

Control the pan tilt auto line scan, speed and direction can be set as well

Set or call the set points and cruise tracks of the dome camera. Altogether 999 preset points and 1--6 cruise tracks can be set. Each track involves 16 preset position and the dwelling time and call speed upon each point can be set as well.

Manually or automatically control the dome camera, and change the internal function settings of particular camera by call the menu of the camera.

Manually control the focus, zoom and iris of the camera.

Provide on line control help

Intelligent design, easy operation, all setting can be done with the operation menu

Fine tune


3D(Pan/Tilt, Zoom)


RS-485/RS-232(PC) Baud rate: 2400bps~19200bps

Communication Distance



RJ45 Cable


DC12V 900mA/DC9V 1000mA Consumption: 5W

Weight (Kg)